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Authentic, Effective and Evolving

Company Profile


VoiceQ sprung into life in 2003 to satisfy a cultural requirement for children’s television programs to be spoken in te Reo Māori, the indigenous language of New Zealand. This innovative digital solution caught on quickly, scaled rapidly,and became an application in demand. 


Motivated to become leaders in our industry, ongoing R&D has focused on the integration of localized solutions, cloud management, and database delivery to meet the trend towards collaborative workflows.  VoiceQ captures the voice of the global market and delivers technology solutions for a range of users. 


Our user base continues to grow.  VoiceQ is used by 140 clients, ranging from global localization companies to independent studios, across 6 continents, 30 countries and 28 languages. 


VoiceQ Profile


VoiceQ is a software suite of macOS and cloud-based applications, used for localization and precise synchronization of dialog replacement in film, video, tv, and gaming. VoiceQ has been designed as a complete suite with pre-recording and recording tools for media localization including ADR, AD, Dubbing, CC, and VO.  The VoiceQ suite of applications can be used together with the most popular Digital Audio Work stationsWorkstations (DAWs) and integrated with proprietary platforms via API. 


VoiceQ supports  900supports 900+ variations of languages in the scripting tool, supporting the further addition of multiple languages to a single project to edit and share. Users can run and import timed scripts and proxy video files to sync a base language for lip-sync quality dubbing in localized languages. 


Dialogue synchronization is built-into the timeline section of VoiceQ, this gives users a visual representation of each word that needs to be synched. The system can proportionally time each word to fit into the set in and out time created by spotting the base language. Dialog replacement is achieved by users when recording either directly into VoiceQ or into a DAW. This allows VoiceQ users to accurately sync to media in the following mediums: ADR, AD, Dubbing, CC, and VO. 





A VoiceQ Cloud supports the centralization of projects and files while enabling bookings for multilingual projects. The ability to track lines and script lines ensures the booking time for voice recordings are accurate. All data is captured in a simple interface giving users real-time progress on both Translation and Recording. 



VoiceQ Cloud supports the collaboration of users assigned to projects regardless of global location. Users can work online or download the project to their computers. 


A visually expansive window supports Digital Rhythmoband and other on-screen visual aids.  A wide variety of media files can be imported for use, with the automated creation of visuals, with minimal user input. 


VoiceQ features a simple layout that is inviting to new users. All data can be seen in the main VoiceQ window and can be controlled using an external preference window and media window. 


VoiceQ features a simple layout, controllable using an external preference window or within a media window. 


The applications feature a wide variety of importing and exporting features for scriptwriting. Users can edit multiple languages and sync word for word using visual guides. 


The timeline offers a visual aspect to a user's script to Improve spotting and editing reduce recording time 


VoiceQ features live reporting usable while recording and exportable on completion. A benefit of live reporting provides certainty all lines by an actor are recorded.  


VoiceQ is licensed to global tertiary and training institutions, combined with curriculum friendly resources, demonstration packs, multilingual video tutorials, and user guides.  

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