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The Story of Whitebait Media
The Story of Whitebait Media

We recently caught up with and Emma Gribble-Martini | Series Producer, Darwin and Newts Animation and Ash Mckenzie | Digital Technical Manager of WhitebaitMedia to get their thoughts on the future of localisation technology.

When was WhitebaitMedia founded?

WhitebaitMedia was co-founded by husband and wife team Janine Morrell-Gunn and Jason Gunn in 1998 in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is now home to one of the largest purpose-built production house and most well-equipped studio facilities in the country.

Janine is a highly experienced and leading producer of children's’ television in New Zealand. She worked on many iconic shows before co-founding WhitebaitMedia in her role as Head of Children’s content for Television New Zealand. Janine continues to create innovative TV while maintaining close ties with the local community. WhitebaitMedia has a purpose built television production Facility (studios and pre and post-production) in Christchurch.

Jason has been one of New Zealand’s most loved broadcasters for over 25 years. An acclaimed and versatile television and radio personality he’s also a director, writer and producer. The face of kids TV in the 1980’s Jason has also hosted many popular shows from Dancing with the Stars to Wheel of Fortune. Named best presenter at the Qantas Media Awards (2007, 2008, 2009) and New Zealand’s funniest man on Television (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).

What was the primary driver to set up the business?
To create quality and entertaining children’s television content for New Zealand and international audiences.

What are the primary areas of the business?
Producing linear and digital media for Children.

What are the key workflow problems to solve?
We have been creating studio based live-action shows for 20 years so have some good learning experience in this area. But issues are things like moving from paper to digital scripts and ensuring the Post Production Video and Audio Suites have latest tech and tech that integrates with existing platforms such as Pro Tools, Nuendo/Cube Base.

Darwin and Newts is our first animation project and our first global co-production so there has been a lot of new things for WhitebaitMedia to learn. Reversioning with new tech like VoiceQ has been great.

What are the key sector trends driving change?
There are so many devices kids can view on, and channels they can pick from. The digital world moves fast and we need to keep up!

Everyone is looking for working smarter with higher yield without compromising quality.

What are the key consumer trends driving change?
Our audience, children are tech savvy and can watch what they want, when they want. They also have a wide range of platforms to find content on. Darwin and Newts is on linear TVNZ, HeiHei the digital app, and has a game app and a website with video tutorials. It has been sold to 12 broadcasters/platforms so far. Darwin and Newts can be found in English, Te Reo Maori, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

What area is VoiceQ of most value?
- Dubbing animation into other languages
- Script preparation that allows
- easy ingestion and translation/adaptation that is time-code perfect
- easy export to VoicePro
- the producer to makes changes on the fly
- voice talent to deliver perfect lip synch
- Quality Control on Darwin and Newts validates the dubbing is of the highest level

Why did you choose VoiceQ as a solution and /or what makes it better than the competition?
- Recommended by our language translator and voice director Tweedie Waititi
- Ability to purchase a subscription on a project by project basis
- VoiceQ were easy to do business with
- The actors loved it

Darwin and Newts case study example showing VoiceQ’s value

The Story of Whitebait Media

The Story of Whitebait Media

Darwin and Newts case study example showing VoiceQ’s value

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