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VoiceQ Cloud

VoiceQ Cloud is a comprehensive and secure collaboration platform for the translation and dubbing industry, offering centralized project management, real-time collaboration, quality control tools, and integrations with other tools and systems.

Change Log

Version 4.1.7 - Released on 01/10/2023 Features: Actor Selection in Projects: Users can now select actors for their projects, enhancing customization and control over voice recordings. Global Character Options: Set character options globally, saving time and ensuring consistency across projects. Character Project Association: Easily view which projects a character is assigned to in the group's section, improving project management. Export Total Row Calculations: Users can now export total row calculations from both groups and projects, facilitating data analysis and reporting. Word Metrics in Percentage: Word metrics are now displayed as percentages, offering more detailed insights into project progress and statistics. --- Bug Fixes: Dashes in Characters: The use of dashes in characters has been fixed, ensuring proper functionality and preventing any unexpected behavior. Alphabetical Character Sorting: Characters within projects are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation and organization. Email Display for User Addition: When adding a user to a team, their email is now displayed for better identification. Project List ID Visibility: The list ID is now shown in the projects section, aiding in project tracking and management. Streamlined Characters Section: The characters section in projects has been cleaned and streamlined for improved user experience. Dual Language Import from Netflix TTAL Files: Cloud now imports both languages from Netflix TTAL files, enhancing compatibility and usability. Group-wide Hours Calculation: Hours are now calculated across all projects in the group section, providing a comprehensive overview of workload. Bulk Update of Rate and Type Information: Users can now update rate and type information across multiple projects simultaneously, saving time and effort. 48-hour Invitation Link with MFA: The invitation link for users now expires after 48 hours and includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security. Support for h.265 Video Uploads: Videos uploaded in h.265 format are now supported, expanding compatibility with various video files. Increased Line Limitation: Line limitation has been increased to 1500 from 1000, allowing for longer and more detailed script entries. Correct Project List ID Display: List IDs now display correctly across projects, preventing any confusion or misidentification. Bulk Deletion of Contacts: Users now have the option to bulk delete contacts, streamlining contact management. For any further inquiries or feedback, please contact our support team at

Version 4.0.1 - 07-21-2023 Dubbing, ADR, and Audio Description Enhancement​ --- Features:​ "Actor/Talent" Tag:  Added a new feature to VoiceQ Cloud that allows users to tag actors and talents within the application. Now, during the dubbing, ADR, and audio description processes, users can easily identify and organize the various actors and talents involved in the project. Character UUID in Export: Implemented the inclusion of Character UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) in the export functionality. This enhancement ensures seamless data tracking and consistency, making it easier for users to manage and correlate characters across different phases of the project. Default Opening of Characters Panel: In response to user feedback, the Characters panel will now be open by default when selecting a project. This change streamlines the workflow, allowing users to quickly access and manage characters without unnecessary clicks. Completion Column in Characters: Introduced a new "Completion" column in the Characters panel, which displays the progress or status of each character within the project. This addition provides a visual overview of character completion, enabling users to monitor project advancement more effectively. Contact Import Update: Expanded the contact import functionality to include additional fields, such as: Street Address: Allows users to input and manage the physical location of contacts involved in the dubbing, ADR, and audio description processes. City: Enables users to specify the city or locality associated with each contact. State Code: Provides a field to input the state code or region of the contact. Postal Code: Allows users to record the postal code associated with each contact. Department: Provides a field to enter the department or role of the contact within the project. Job Title: Allows users to specify the job title or position held by each contact. Stage Name: Provides a field to input the stage name or pseudonym of the contact. Resource Type: Enables users to categorize contacts based on their specific resource type (e.g., actor, technician, director, etc.). Vendor ID: Allows users to assign a unique identifier to contacts associated with external vendors or agencies. Gender: Provides a field to record the gender of each contact, aiding in casting decisions and resource management. Export Character Data: Introducing a powerful new feature that allows users to export character data directly from VoiceQ Cloud. Users can now generate comprehensive reports, facilitating better collaboration and external analysis during the dubbing, ADR, and audio description processes. Hour Column in Character Section: The Character section now includes a new "Hour" column, providing users with a clear overview of the total hours associated with each character's performance. This enhancement aids in project scheduling, resource allocation, and budgeting. Enhanced Visibility with IP Address: As part of our latest security policy update, we have introduced an improvement to enhance visibility. The IP address of the current user is now conveniently displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. Rate Column for Actor Pay Rate: To streamline financial management, we have added a "Rate" column that displays the pay rate for actors. Now, users can easily view and track the compensation for each actor involved in the dubbing, ADR, and audio description projects. Rate Type with Hours and Lines (50*): In response to user demands, a new "Rate Type" option has been introduced. Users can now choose between "Hours" and "Lines (50*)" for calculating actor payments. This flexibility allows for more accurate and customized compensation calculations based on project requirements. Flat Rate Option for Actor Compensation: To accommodate diverse pricing structures, VoiceQ Cloud now supports the "Flat Rate" option for actor compensation. Users can choose this method for payment, simplifying billing and payment processes for various dubbing, ADR, and audio description projects. --- Bug Fixes Character Data Integrity with macOS Applications: Resolved an issue where character data syncing with macOS applications resulted in inconsistencies. With this fix, users can now enjoy smooth and reliable synchronization, ensuring that the latest character information is consistently available across all devices. Two-Factor Authentication for Link Sharing: Strengthened the security measures for link sharing by implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This enhancement ensures that only authorized users can access shared links, safeguarding sensitive dubbing, ADR, and audio description content. Timeline Text Updating: Fixed a bug where timeline text failed to update correctly in certain scenarios. With this fix, users can now enjoy real-time and accurate updates to the timeline text during the dubbing, ADR, and audio description processes. Line Addition Shortcut 'Control+L': Corrected an issue where using the shortcut 'Control+L' for line addition caused unexpected behaviour. The fix now ensures that the shortcut functions seamlessly, enabling users to add lines efficiently during dubbing, ADR, and audio description tasks. ​ These exciting new features and bug fixes are designed to enhance the VoiceQ Cloud experience for dubbing, ADR, and audio description projects. We hope they further streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional results. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to improve and refine VoiceQ Cloud to meet your needs and expectations.

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