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Conforming using Conformalizer

Conforming support is a feature that our team at VoiceQ have been working on for use with Conformilizer. It allows users to easily export and conform their projects in the industry to conform to format and easily import that data into VoiceQ.




1. Export current text file for conforming from VoiceQ


- Navigate to “File>Export Project…>Text for Conforming”

       - Select ‘Export’ and save the text file.


Open Conformalizer application


2. Switch Conformalizer to “conform type - file, tab-separated”


3. Load .conform file if previously created then skip to step 7, otherwise do 4, 5, 6


4. Load old EDL into OLD panel


5. Load new EDL into the NEW panel


6. Switch to the change panel and "compare"


7. Hit the CONFORM button


- Conformalizer will then ask you to locate the file from step 1, conform it and save a new file next to it with the _conf suffix.


8. Import the conformed text data back into VoiceQ


  • This only affects the timing of the existing lines.

  • If the line is missing by the conforming (editing) you can choose what to do for the affected lines.

PURCHASE Conformilizer:

You can purchase Conformalizer and view its features and tutorials at the following link:

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