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The Story of Zunzun Entertainment


We recently caught up with Audio Post Entrepreneur Valeria Zunzun in Los Angeles from Zunzun Entertainment | Studio Zunzun to get her thoughts on the future of audio post technology for small to medium operators working in the fast-moving SVOD sector. Valeria comments….


When was Zunzun Entertainment | Studio Zunzun founded?    

“The company was founded in early 2019. Historically I’ve been a trilingual voice director for over 15 years collaborating with a variety of companies and studios. I also now work as a freelance voice director for the world's leading SVOD player.”

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What was the primary driver to set up the business?  

“After 15 years of collaborating as a freelance voice director, I felt it was time to create my own company to secure a direct relationship with my clients. The core offering is quality multilingual localization for more than 10 languages and voice-over for dubbing and animation. I’m also very fortunate to have a team of established directors and quality multilingual voice talent.”

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Team Zunzun.  Left to right: Japanese Assistant Director Hideo Kimura, Japanese Director Fusako Shiotani, German Director Sylvianne Chebance, Mandarin Director Leann Lei, Polish Director  Magdalena Hernandez (Liszewska), Arabic Director Ayman Samman

What are the primary areas of the business? 

“Multilingual dubbing, animation, and voice-over.”


What are the key workflow problems to solve?

“Number one would be time management with decreasing deadlines. Secondly is the management of multiple projects and languages being delivered at the same time.


What are the key sector trends driving change? 

“Thanks to Netflix and other content owners, in the US, English dubbing is now in high demand with lower demand for other languages which are mostly done “in the territory” outside of the US.  That said we recently secured a multilingual project with a British animation channel. The localization partners have entrusted us with the dubbing aspects for Spanish, French, and Arabic.”


What are the key consumer trends driving change? 

“In the US, the consumer market is just starting to discover dubbing. Quality is improving fast and the consumer is expecting a great audio and viewing experience. The biggest change in the past two years has been the English dubbing boom.”

What area is dubbing technology of most value?  

“A digital rythmo-band interface makes a huge difference in the creative process. It’s smoother and easier for the actors and directors. This allows us to achieve a precision we cannot reach with paper scripts, or scripts on an iPad. Historically these were the standard tools used in US studios until recently. Technology also really helps with consistency. 


We adopted VOICEQ technology across the entire workflow from the translation, adaptation to recording and reporting. For the creatives is ensures consistency in vocabulary style, tone and delivery.   The management reporting also helps with the casting process, by delivering us reports on each actor, with the timecoded word or line counts. From a project perspective, we witness net gains in time, consistency, and quality.”

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Left to right: Image 1 Arabic director Ayman Samman, Owner Valeria Zunzun and Arabic Voice Actress Karla Maatouk.   Image 2  Sound Engineer Alvaro Cadavid,  Arabic Voice Actresses Sara Abidi Nasri, Karla Maatouk, Owner Valeria Zunzun, and Arabic Director Ayman Samman

Why did you choose VOICEQ as a solution?

“I was familiar with it as I’ve used it at other studios before getting it for my own studio. More and more LA actors are familiar with it and requesting it. As an owner and director VOICEQ is an easy to implement, integrate and very affordable. The service and speed of the support team is also a huge plus.


The R&D commitment from VOICEQ is impressive, they have really listened to the market and made the tech investment to significantly reduce adaptation workflow times and increase quality. With basic training all writers, translators and adaptors can benefit from the visual interface and features.  


In the recording workflow with a well-adapted script, and great talent the software really shines.  We observe significant reductions in recording time with lip-synch quality performances.  The most important point is that the directors, voice talent and engineers love it!”

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