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Introducing VoiceQ Pro: Your Ultimate Media Localization Companion!


Revolutionize your pre-recording and recording process with VoiceQ Pro, a powerful macOS application tailored for seamless media localization tasks such as ADR, Audio Description Dubbing, Voice Over, and Subtitling.


With its intuitive user interface and rich feature set, VoiceQ Pro empowers engineers to exert precise control over media files during recording sessions. Supporting over 900 languages and boasting broad compatibility with various media formats, VoiceQ Pro ensures flawless lip-synch dubbing and voiceovers. Effortlessly export files for collaboration or final mixing, streamlining your production pipeline.


Seamless integration with AVID Pro Tools and other popular Digital Audio Workstations enables real-time recording for voice actors. Leverage Pro's extensive prompting capabilities to achieve remarkable efficiency, with novices delivering up to 25 cues per hour, while seasoned professionals can reach an impressive 50 cues per hour.


Elevate your workflow with VoiceQ Pro's comprehensive reporting tools and seamless integration with VoiceQ Cloud for group reporting, enhancing transparency and accountability.

VoiceQ Pro offers a complete workflow solution:



Experience synchronized collaboration across the globe with VoiceQ Cloud, allowing project members to work together seamlessly, whether online or offline.



Centralize all your projects within VoiceQ Cloud, effortlessly tracking lines and script details. This invaluable feature simplifies scheduling for multilingual projects, providing real-time progress updates for both Translation and Recording.



Effortlessly manage contacts directly through VoiceQ Pro. Categorize contacts by role, including Translator, Online Translator, Audio Engineer, Client, and Administrator/Manager. Users on paid plans gain project management privileges, ensuring seamless coordination.

Unleash the power of VoiceQ Pro with a robust set of features, including:

  • Studio Integration
  • AVID Satellite connectivity
  • Beep & Countdown (3beep)
  • Blackmagic Device Support
  • Built-in Teleprompter
  • Character Progress Display
  • GENlock MIDI Support
  • Insertion Follows Playback
  • ReWire Integration
  • Streamers
  • AutoSync Assistant
  • Character Filtering
  • Croiselle (Matrix) Reporting
  • Cue Numbers
  • Custom Shortcut Keys
  • Excel Import/Export (XLSX/XLS)
  • FDX Importing (Timecode Support)
  • Markers
  • Multi-language Support
  • Multiple Character Filter
  • Playback Rate Options
  • Secondary Language View
  • Single Character Reports
  • Spellcheck
  • Split Scene
  • SRT (SubRip) Import/Export
  • Track Sizing
  • Video Brightness
  • Video Conversion
  • Video Exporting (with Visuals)
  • Video Sizing


Elevate your media localization game with VoiceQ Pro, your comprehensive solution for a seamless and efficient recording process. Experience the future of localization technology today!

VoiceQ Pro (6 Month)

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