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VoiceQ Training for Engineers

Learn the fundamentals of Audio Engineering using VoiceQ Software

  • 1 hour
  • Online session via Zoom

Service Description

Audio Engineers Greater accuracy from the talent means less time spent synchronizing the sound. Use VoiceQ for cueing and you'll be reducing your editing time dramatically. Having all the special effects streamed across the screen just like the script means not having to time your effects from the clock but timing them naturally just like the actor’s dialogue. In addition, the scrolling waveform and scrolling ruler will make it so much easier to accurately spot and insert foley and SFX. What is VoiceQ? VoiceQ is a full suite of native and cloud applications used for media localization including Automated Digital Replacement (ADR), Audio Description (AD), Lip Sync Dubbing, Closed Captioning (CC), and VoiceOver (VO). VoiceQ raises the bar on accessibility, efficiency, quality, and sustainability. All applications can be used individually, combined, or integrated with existing proprietary workflows and systems. VoiceQ enables faster recording speed and flexibility so the director can focus on what really matters - the voice talent performance. VoiceQ's feature set enables fast script and music adaptation while synchronizing the text and lyrics according to each scene. VoiceQ enables facility-based, hybrid or 100% remote delivery and quality control of OTT | SVOD level projects. VoiceQ makes recruitment, training, and retention more engaging and effective. VoiceQ supports all users running macOS 10.9 and beyond. VoiceQ produces outstanding results with the delivery of 10,000 - 30,000 minutes per annum of ADR, AD, Dubbing, and VO with annual revenues of USD $900K - USD $4.8M and gross margins of 10-30%. Who this course is for: - General users - Audio Engineers - VoiceQ users

Contact Details

+ 64099255035

KIWA Digital, Madden Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand

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