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Discover the primary users of VoiceQ

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Record in a studio environment in a professional studio or remotely using our simple to use applications.

VoiceQ is like  "karaoke for actors". Using our custom media window Actors can record either traditionally using 3 beeps and streamers; or using newer technology like our custom Digital Rythmoband, line progression, and preview text views.

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Film Crew


For film companies with tight film release dates, VoiceQ can halve processing time for technicians and performers, significantly reducing costs. VoiceQ’s large feature selection also ensures control over post-production, film security, and quality.



Overlaying the translation immediately over the movie provides instant validation of the use of words, labials, lip-sync and timing. Once the script is translated and adapted, merely e-mail the project file to the studio ready for dubbing.

College Student


VoiceQ is the most advanced ADR and dubbing cueing system in the world. If you want your students to gain academic achievements in their chosen field then having VoiceQ in your curriculum is a must.

Audio Engineer


Greater accuracy from the talent means less time spent synchronizing the sound. Use VoiceQ for cueing and you'll be reducing your editing time dramatically. Having all the special effects streamed across the screen just like the script means not having to time your effects from the clock but timing them naturally just like the actor’s dialogue. In addition, the scrolling waveform and scrolling ruler will make it so much easier to accurately spot and insert foley and SFX.

Editing & Post Production


Dubbing companies and directors charged to produce the next BlockBuster for world markets face an uphill challenge, especially when films are still being edited, budgets are constrained, and the international release date remains unmoved. Smooth ADR and dubbing processes are essential and quality performances from actors paramount. VoiceQ makes the ADR and dubbing process run smoothly for actors, engineers, and language directors while saving time and money. VoiceQ will give you a superior sounding final product. Time will be saved in expensive postproduction studios due to an accurate and flexible system. Your dubbing requirements will be completed on time and within budget. Reporting functions have been specifically designed to make your life easier.

TV Director on set


By recording every voice in each scene in just one or two takes, your actors will be fresher, the quality of their output will be higher, and you will be getting through much more work for much less stress than you have managed previously. When the script doesn’t fit or the adaptation isn’t quite right, VoiceQ will allow you to put your improvements directly into the script and overlay them on the screen in a matter of seconds. Your crew isn’t sitting around idle and your studio time isn’t wasted.

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