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VoiceQ Cloud

Project sharing, collaboration and editing online

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Contact if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

By purchasing VoiceQ Products you agree to our End-User License Agreement terms.


VoiceQ Cloud has an easy registration system for users to sign up. Once you register you can import contacts and they will receive an email invitation to register. Registered users can then be assigned to projects as specified users.



VoiceQ Cloud centralizes all projects into one place. This allows users to easily track lines (50 characters) and script lines to easily measure the amount of time an actor is required for recording. This makes booking simple when doing multi-lingual projects. All data is captured in a simple interface giving users real-time progress on both Translation and Recording.



VoiceQ Cloud allows users assigned to projects to work in tandem with one another in multiple locations around the world. Users can work online or download the project to their computers.



Users of VoiceQ Pro can manage contacts directly using our service. You can sort by the following categories: Translator, Online translator, Audio Engineer, Client and Administrator/manager.


Each user who signs up to a paid plan is given management rights to projects that user uploads or is set as a manager by another user.



VoiceQ Cloud has an online recording built into the product. Users can share projects and record within a browser on any supported device. This allows users to record remotely and upload recorded files directly to the studio.

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